Count the heat down

Episode 632

The heat is back, literally, not only musically. And isolation at my home works quite wrong around: hot outside means hot inside and vice versa. Of course, the rooms do not cool down as fast as the outside, that would make thinks much easier. So, no good days for being in home office. Ice cream to the rescue? Well, no. For once, your body will produce heat when digesting such cold stuff and second it's no good for my sugar levels, I tell you that. For some refreshment, you will get traditional inspired music tonight with some really fresh releases by the way. Enjoy tracks by Colin Rayment (Equilibrium), Vortex Elements (Distance), Ivan Black (Millennium People), Cousin Silas & Wilfried Hanrath (Cousin Silas & Wilfried Hanrath), Joerg Dankert (Between the meantime), Steve Roach (What Remains).



Colin Rayment - Motion in a Sensory Plane (Equilibrium)
Vortex Elements - Life Impressions (Distance)
Ivan Black - Darkness Curves (Millennium People)
Cousin Silas & Wilfried Hanrath - The Changing Colours of Autumn (Cousin Silas & Wilfried Hanrath)
Joerg Dankert - Part 10 (Between the meantime)
Steve Roach - Currents of Compassion (What Remains)


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