Episode 623

Published: Friday, 03 June 2022
Sounds of silence

Well. What do you do, when the world gets crazy? About three weeks ago I crafted edition 623 to air for when I'm out of town. Everything was set up and scheduled. But than a tragedy happened: Vangelis died. I was saddened, as he is one of my musical idols for sure. Having the show as planned did not seem right. So I cancelled it. 2022 seems to be a bad year for electronic music fans so far with all the losses. Just when live events seem to come back to enjoy our music, life tries to turn us down again. Now. For tonight, I redid edition 623 to honor all the great musicians and supporters we lost by example. I chose mostly tribute tracks, as I am surely not alone with my grief. Join me in celebrating their greatness with tracks by Depeche Mode (Spirit /Deluxe), Luna Firma, Kuutana, The Roboter, and Sequential Dreams (In Memoriam - A Tribute to Vangelis), Eagle (Synth. Music) (The Superclean Dreammachine - A Hans Moret (Hans Prisma) tribute), Rob Papen & Ron Boots (Klaus Schulze Tribute).



Depeche Mode - Cover Me (Alt Out) (Spirit /Deluxe)
Depeche Mode - So Much Love (Machine Mix) (Spirit /Deluxe)
Luna Firma - Angular Distance (In Memoriam - A Tribute to Vangelis)
Kuutana - Summer in Antarctica (In Memoriam - A Tribute to Vangelis)
The Roboter - Origins (In Memoriam - A Tribute to Vangelis)
Sequential Dreams - Quantum Theory (In Memoriam - A Tribute to Vangelis)
Eagle (Synth. Music) - The Superclean Dreammachine (The Superclean Dreammachine - A Hans Moret (Hans Prisma) tribute)
Eagle (Synth. Music) - Faith over Fear (The Superclean Dreammachine - A Hans Moret (Hans Prisma) tribute)
Rob Papen & Ron Boots - Klaus Schulze Tribute (./.)



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