Actually, a date much more important than the world's destruction as the Maya are alleged to have said: the Electronic Circus is close. One week to go, on September 22nd! Come and meet in Gütersloh, where you will experience fantastic live concerts, like from the band first on tonight's show: Sankt Otten with Sequencer Liebe.

Many artists have announced their visit to the Circus, like Robert Schroeder, Michael Mertens (Propaganda), and Bodo Staiger (Rheingold). Further, it is very likely that Winfrid Trenkler will be there and also Rainer Sauer, both anchormen of famous radio shows on electronic music. Another well reknown guest will be Bernd Kistenmacher, who also has some live appearances later on in October, being the main act at E-Live. We have an excerpt from his re-released Head Visions on tonight's show.

Talking about E-Live, which is over a month ahead on October 27st, Fanger & Schönwälder will have a special appearance at the Grand Café. And, of course, a nice track on this edition from Stromschlag.

I do not know about any live events of the following artist, but he just put out a marvellous album. It's UK's very own Data Rebel who set Dreams for an Abstract Mind to music. Another fresh addition to syndae is Bertrand Loreau from France, where we have two tracks of his current album Journey through the past. Fine french electronic music not being jarreish.

More fresh sounds come from Fascinating Earthbound Objects, a USA based artist, and his latest compositional work And so the game has gone. And finally, we have Andreas Baaden with his just released album Polarlicht.

Hope, you will enjoy tonight's tracks as much as I did. Take care.

syndae - episode 189




- Uphill (Ultra)
Axess & Maxxess - Impact (Impact)


syndae is an independent podcast on electronic music of ambient, space, new age, harmonic, traditional, progressive, and rhythmic style, not directly including electronic dance music. The goal of syndae is to make aware of fine electronic music, by providing enjoyable episodes with well known and not yet well known artists from around the world, and to promote events of the electronic music scene, by dedicating episodes to selected artists of such an event. Host of the show is Stefan, an enthusiast of electronic music, who likes to spread the word and sound of synth.

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