Winding down

Thankfully, the short heat wave is over for now and not only I but also my computer has no need for heavy breathing anymore. So what is best than having some music going easy on one's mind? Well, this show has the right music for this mood. And it lifts off with Kikai's contribution to the sampler Sehnsucht. We the experience Forever Changes, the new album by Claudio Merlini. Which is followed by Erik Wøllo's new EP Tundra. A look back to the 90s is brought to us by Wayne Gratz and his Blue Ridge. Then having again brand new stuff, which is Compuctio by Johan Tronestam. And also the closer is newer than new, with the upcoming album Herrscher im Orbit by ebia.

Sweat cure

Oh boy, I am melting away. Yeah, I may be a mollycoddle whining at 30C, but this warmth simply does not fit with my body's desires. Nevertheless, hot music on tonight's show with a certain beat. Maybe a little track to recover in the middle. Starting Environmental with Stefan Erbe. Going beyond the Listening Booth with City at Worlds End and Ætheros later on. Having some fun with Opaeq in between. We then Push Against New Fakes when playing from Any Color You Can't See. And closing up with Lucent Echoes by Elrox.

Over the rainbow

I have fresh and upcoming music and a joyful look back on tonight's playlist, all in all quite easy going this time. We start with a preview on Cantarella, the upcoming album by Z. Then we have a new compilation by the Tunguska Electronic Music Society named Craters: Cheko, where we have contributions from Radiotuman, Al K, and AoL. Then a short backflash to some Rainbow Serpent treat from Stranger. And closing up with Liplug's Blinker.

Get well shaken

Now get this, your sitting around with your headphones on and suddenly unexpected sounds catch your attention. Tonight’s show is full of wonders. Music that broadens your experiences in structure and sound. A break out of common electronica, and yet familiar in many places. Upfront the second half of Many Sides of Music, the double album by Yves Potin / Second, get beaten by Foehrb and Die Tugend von Heute. Then listen carefully to Zinkl and his Cockaigne. And surely enjoy Ways to Travek by Michaël Bijker. We also have another track from the iapets Compilation 2014 by The Redundant Rocker. Moreover, the Mantra is given to us by the Perry Ferya Band. And in the end, there is Adakekema’s Insolito. Suspense-packed music all along.

Lovely Places

It’s not only that ambient releases start to stack up at my place, but I also feel the urge for something more serene at the moment. Well, it’s not really that serene, but quite mind drifting energy in tonight’s music. And this all starts right with the Sultry Kissing Lounge and the man and his guitar Markus Reuter. Then we have a compilation by the Tunguska Electronic Music Society with two contributions, one by Simiram and the next by Soft Note. More new stuff by Ivan Black going for The Somnambulist. We then take Excursion number 3 with our dear friend Altus. And we meet Mark Seelig again this time with Loren Nerell painting the Tree of Life. Finally, one half of the double album Many Sides of Music by Yves Potin a.k.a. Happy floating.

Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder

Tonight we have the license to chill on syndae, with a bunch of recent releases and reworks. And we have a hint on an EM event again. This time in July, one month to go, with BKS, whom of we surely have some teaser on tonight's show. But first, a look back to the last century, where we Go for it with Megabyte. More great music by Erik Seifert & Josef Steinbüchel and their Softlock. We also show that moonbooter is Still Alive with him on the show. Then a track from Eglise de Betzdorf, one of the latest releases by Broekhuis, Keller and Schönwälder. Robert Fox, too, who has done a re-work of Asfafa. And finally E-Musikgruppe Lux Ohr and an exceprt from Spiralo.

Castle Brederode

Summer is coming with big beams, and so are spacey and sequency tracks. At least at the castle of Brederode you will be able to experience quite a bunch of them, as a little festival is taking place on June 27 featuring Free Arts Lab, Spyra, and Planet of the Arps. And to give you a little teaser, we have Spyra and Free Arts Lab on tonight's show right at the beginning. Then there is the new album by Byron Metcalf and Mark Seelig named Intention right behind. Followed by DigitalSimplyWorld who captured the Cosmic Ocean First Contact for us. Next, the new Walter Roos album beaming us into The 9th Dimension. And finally we will perceive A Scent of Jasmine when listening to e-Tiefengrund.


Yay! We are back! The server failure hit syndae hard, but I am so happy to be finally back with a new show full of fantastic music all along. I'm not going to hold back and go right into the media. The starter tonight is brought to us by MorPheuSz who will be live on stage next week in Dinslaken. If your like their music, try to make it to that event featured by F.D.Project. We have more, like the brand new Transfer of My Affections by The Pels Syndicate. Also, a sampler ba Big Wave Records represented here by Zixel's Deep Space Orchestra. Oh, and another great compilation by iapetus, where I picked Robert Jürjendal's contribution. Then we have the brand new Maxxess named Green Fairy. And closing we will with Thirteen Rites of Passage by Michael Brückner.

Crazy Journey

There are so many new releases out and coming, I had a hard time to sort out some for tonight's show. Best, if you like any of the tracks, go for the websites linked to in the playlist and get hold of a copy of the albums the tracks come from. They are all worth it! But first, get a listen, of course. Starting with the brand new Orbital Flight by Stan Dart. Followed by the mysterious M.O.B.S. coming Aus dem Nichts. Next, Vortex Mechanix taking us to the Edge of Solar System. Impossible Landscapes are presented by DeeperNET. And Fanger and Schönwälder together with Lüül will give you the Analog Overdose Volume 5. Finally, Dimitris Palikaris is up, and this goes to Eternity.

Opt out of your mind

Relax. Just do it. When you listen right into it. Put all the stress aside, when listening to tonight's show. Starting with Janneh being Live at Raisio. Having Pure Relaxation with Detlef Keller. Overcome the Fear of the Emptiness Space by listening to Perceptial Defence and Syndromeda. Enjoy some ambient music from the Facebook April sampler with Jeff Appleton. Go silent with Cousin Silas presenting The Place it Used to Be. And finally breath deeply getting O Two by W.O.S.P.

Traveling notes

Life is but a dream? If so, here comes one of the joyful parts of it in form of excellent electronic music. Pure beauty cought in delicious sounds on tonight's playlist. Starting with a dream team, TMA featuring Martinson for a star dream journey. Then finding our Ways with aAirial from France, and looking for Archaic Frontiers with Alpha Wave Movement. Moreover, we took Opaeq from Lunarblues' Haarp. And then we are Passengers with Green Isac. Just before closing this dream journey with Brückner and Everling and their Sparrows.  

For your pleasure

While we are at it, on tonight's playlist you will find music from past and coming events' artists, and some brand new releases as well. The first contribution is by Erik Seifert and Josef Steinbüchel, who just presented their new album at the Schallwelle ceremony, named Softlock. Followed by the grand-seigneur of electronic music Peter Mergener and a revived double album on his Creatures. This edition also is about two events coming up, which really deserve being visited and need your early commitment to make them happen. One of them is the Radio Happy Event on June 7th, presenting artists not seen before on stage in our realm, where I have The Glimmer Room and Bob Hedger on the show. The second event is E-Day, also presenting several new faces, artists with really cool music, like Pyramid Peak and Przemysław Rudź. Great music, great events to support.  


syndae is an independent podcast on electronic music of ambient, space, new age, harmonic, traditional, progressive, and rhythmic style, not directly including electronic dance music. The goal of syndae is to make aware of fine electronic music, by providing enjoyable episodes with well known and not yet well known artists from around the world, and to promote events of the electronic music scene, by dedicating episodes to selected artists of such an event. Host of the show is Stefan, an enthusiast of electronic music, who likes to spread the word and sound of synth.

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